My first post

Hey! Listen!

This shall be my introductory post, so yeah.

This blog will consist pretty much entirely of reviews that I have written of any new film I have seen at the cinema or at home, any game I complete and any new CD I listen to. There may also be some book reviews, but I don’t read many books (if I do, they are Batman usually).

You may be lucky enough to see some retrospectives of anything I have seen, played or listened to before starting this blog, but this depends on whether or not I can be bothered…

Anyways, a little bit about myself I guess. I am currently studying Film & Screen Studies at Bath Spa university (have just finished my first year), I watch quite a wide array of film genres, but not many films, I only tend to play games on Nintendo consoles and PC and am a fan of a small variety of metal bands (plus Red Hot Chili Peppers).

So, perhaps you can now look forward to my expertly crafted reviews. Cheers.


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