Blood Sugar Sex Magik Review:

17 tracks later, and I still don’t know what happened.

That parental advisory thing is there for a reason you know.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik by some is seen as the definitive Red Hot Chili Peppers record. And I don’t blame them. This album is a 73 minute onslaught to the senses made up of insane bass lines, rip-roaring solos and a fantastic production throughout.

This album has it all – from ‘Suck My Kiss’ (containing one of the most memorable bass riffs of all time) to ‘Under the Bridge’, paving the way to the Chili Peppers later and cleaner sounds. There is only one dud in the record: They’re Red Hot (I have no idea what that was about), but even then it contains in copious amounts the key to this album’s success, energy. Each and every song is energetic and fun with truly outstanding performances from each of the band members, but Flea’s bass playing is the true standout – if there ever was an album to show the merits of the bass as an instrument it is this.

However, the album is not perfect. It is not consistent as while looking at the track names, some of them I just can’t remember (a second play-through would probably help this issue), while others completely jump out as awesome tracks – ‘The Power of Equality’, ‘Breaking the Girl’, ‘Suck My Kiss’, ‘Give it Away’, ‘Under the Bridge’, ‘Naked in the Rain’ and ‘Sir Psycho Sexy’. This inconsistency problem is one that has persisted throughout the Chili Peppers’ career, but luckily this album has so many tracks you are sure to find several personal favourites. Out of seventeen tracks however, there is only one that I’d class as bad while the sixteen others range from great to amazing.

There is one more issue to raise with this album – the lyrics. The album is full of bad language, usually this does not bother me, but at times it feels like a little too much and the song ‘Sir Psycho Sexy’ is verging on the pornographic (alas, still one of the best tracks on the record). If foul language does not offend you then by all means enjoy a completely classic album, but those who get offended by bad language and (silly) adult content might want to swing this one a miss.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik is one of the best Red Hot Chili Peppers albums ever produced, from its outstanding performances all-round and excellent production work to its energy riddled tracks that could all be rightly classed as classics in their own right. It is slightly let down by obscene lyrics and an overall inconsistency, but these are entirely down to personal preference.

A totally fantastic head-trip and attack on the senses record bolstered by impressive performances and a clear yet hard-hitting sound that no Chili Peppers fan should go without.



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