Kirby’s Dreamland 2 Review:

Playing in this land truly is a dream.

That giant fish is eating Kirby!

Kirby’s Dreamland 2 follows the traditional formula of the Kirby game, suck up enemies, steal their powers and beat King Dedede at the end. Like Dreamland 3 and 64 however, this game requires you to find all the extras in order to defeat the final boss; while this is a problem I cannot ignore, it does not negatively affect the game and the enjoyment you can find while playing.

In each world there is just one item to find in one of the levels, you are not told what level it will appear in, but this is very much expected. A couple of these items are easy to find, but some are very well hidden (so well hidden in fact that I have yet to find them all), this system works a lot better than those found in Dreamland 3 or 64, and as the game is naturally a fair amount shorter than its home console brethren these extra items to find in each world add to the length and replay-ability of the game instead of being a nuisance.

Kirby’s Dreamland 2 is a blast to play from start to finish, it plays incredibly smoothly, with a faster pace and each and every level is designed fantastically and are not too long or too short with just the right amount of space to play around in. To help you smile along with the game (as if that wasn’t easy enough already) is a great soundtrack full of Kirby’s trademark chiptune goodness.

Like Dreamland 3, the game looks fantastic; it does not have the crayon aesthetic going for it, instead opting for a very clean style that really pops from the screen. Of course, a Game Boy game is not going to look like a SNES game in terms of animation, but it really does impress and each and every character on screen is brimming with personality, really bringing the game to life.

However, even with the added (annoying) incentive of unlocking and beating the final boss by finding an item in each world the game is short. To completely finish the game will take little over three hours, a short game by anybody’s standards. It doesn’t help that the game is ridiculously easy either, easier than most Kirby games and that’s saying something.

Dreamland 2 introduced to the world Kirby’s helpers – a fish, hamster and bird. Each one is brilliantly devised and adds to the overall depth of the game-play, sometimes they are required to reach certain areas of the level or generally to attack enemies in an entirely different way. These are added to and improved upon in the game’s sequel, but in this game they are still good, but they do not feel essential and are not missed in later games.

Kirby’s Dreamland 2 is a very fun game while it lasts and is something of a Game Boy classic, brimming with life and happiness in every pixel that plays very smoothly to a great soundtrack with fantastic animation.

A sure-fired classic that will please any Kirby fan, young or old.



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