Streets of Rage 3D Review:

These streets sure are angry…

Like this, but in 3D.

Streets of Rage 3D is a 3D port of the Mega Drive classic Streets of Rage, available only on 3DS. Let’s get this out of the way instantly then – if you never liked the game, there is nothing new here to change your mind. But for fans of the original game, this 3D version provides the best experience of the game since the original.

First things first then, the 3D reworking is fantastic, it really adds to the game, the depth increases the ease in which you can hit the enemies and it looks awesome. This is the standard 3D effect, the other presents the game as a traditional bulging, arcade screen – it’s a neat effect, but you won’t be playing the game like this for long. It truly does have to be seen to be believed.

Sadly, the game has not been reworked to fit the 3DS’s widescreen display, but the game was never widescreen anyway, so you aren’t missing out on anything. In fact, you get more game for your money here than you did in the original; you can play the game in its western or Japanese addition, play the game in different difficulty settings (including a new mode where every enemy is downed in one or two hits) and the multiplayer is present and correct.

Indeed, Streets of Rage 3D plays just as well as you remember the original, and the soundtrack is as great as ever. This is still one of the greatest beat ‘em-ups you will ever play.

However, there is one strange aspect to this remake, you appear to get infinite continues – no matter what I’ve done, I have not been able to have limited continues. While this means you can actually finish the game, it does get rid of a large amount of the difficulty and an equally large amount of the accomplishment you’d get from finishing the game with limited continues. An option for the amount of continues would have been fantastic, otherwise, you will never feel the thrill of finishing the game the way it was meant to be – hours of hard graft and practice.


Streets of Rage 3D is a fantastic 3D version of a true classic that fans of the game and people who have yet to play the game (somehow) should download without hesitation. It’s a shame that it’s been made too easy though.

Possibly the best version of an all-time great, let down by seemingly infinite continues.



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