The Lego Movie (2014) Review:

Everything is awesome with this one.

That'll be $20.
That’ll be $20.

Cast: Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, et al.

Directors: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

Runtime: 100 Minutes.

Plot: An Ordinary Lego construction worker, thought to be the prophesied ‘Special’, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe into eternal stasis.

Offering a very light-hearted, hilarious critique on modern life, The Lego Movie is a spectacular success in almost every regard. If you have played the game Lego City: Undercover, then the sort of humour in this film should be obvious to you, it’s fast, silly and incredibly witty all at the same time. Brick by brick The Lego Movie builds itself into the best animated comedy since Wreck-it-Ralph.

First things first then, The Lego Movie is amazingly funny, perhaps the funniest film I have seen in a long time. This is thanks to the films lightning fast script, editing and line delivery. The formula of consistent fast pace of the film may annoy some, but believe me when I say, every joke hits, this is a witty film despite its loud appearance. Indeed, The Lego Movie is ludicrously loud, and it wears it on its brick-shaped sleeves. I thought it could be grating (at times it certainly tried to slightly annoy me but thankfully it never actually did), actually, how loud and bright the film is only forms part of its success. The film knows it’s stupid, it knows it’s ridiculous and it plays with it – as it does our expectations.

It may sound corny, but the film is about as playful as a film can get. It plays with the fact that it is Lego we’re watching (or at least gorgeous animation that looks and acts like Lego), heads fall off, things explode in hilarious puffs of Lego pieces and things fall apart as Lego does. It’s great to watch directors (and writers) Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have fun, and we have fun too. The Lego Movie is a blast.

Who’s also having fun are the voice-actors, every single actor for the film delivers a fantastic performance, from Will Arnett’s incredible Batman to Jonah Hill’s cameo as the Green Lantern. Every line is expertly crafted and the film is sure to have children and adults in stitches at one time or another. It’s a testament to the incredibly tight script that every actor delivers in such a fine form, no matter of amount of lines spoken.

As good as every character is, the standouts for me are Will Arnett’s Batman (who has issues to put it lightly) and Liam Neeson’s Good Cop/ Bad Cop who is sure to have you laughing with every single line of his dialogue.

the lego movie

Talking of the script, the film acts as something of a critique on modern life, how one can get lost in a world full of over-priced coffee (awesome!), meeting-room designed music and living life based on advertisements. This clever script also allows for a message that everyone can appreciate; anyone (see: everyone) can be special: the ‘Special’.

As the film is Lego, there can be many, many cameos – simply because there are so many Lego sets available. We get an incredible dynamic between the Green Lantern and Superman, Gandalf appears, Wonder Woman and many, many more. It’s hilarious how much fun comes from simple Lego cameos, but this is just another testament to the writing and performances. Some of the best humour comes from what these cameos say and do – Awesome!

The icing on the cake though, is the animation. No, it’s not stop-motion with Legos, but it is the next best thing. Everything in the film is made of Lego, and looks and acts like Lego should – and it’s a joy to take in. I can safely say that The Lego Movie contains the most sophisticated and beautiful CGI animation that has ever graced my eyes – it’s a wonder how a film can look as good as this.

The Lego Movie has a good heart, with a decent message for kids and parents that unfortunately felt ham-fisted and too schmaltzy. Indeed, the tail-end of the film loses momentum, as the plot takes over the humour falters just enough to mention. The film is not ruined by its slightly ham-fisted ending; it just takes too much momentum out of proceedings, not quite fixing itself to the rest of the finely built masterpiece that is The Lego Movie.


I don’t feel I’ve done enough to persuade you, dear reader, that The Lego Movie is a masterpiece. And I apologise. It has been difficult to get across just how brilliant the film really is, but rest assured, The Lego movie deserves all the praise it can get and is a must-see for any film fan and deserves just as much a place in your collection as classics such as Alien or Twelve Monkeys despite its slightly disappointing ending.

A modern classic that will be enjoyed by anyone with any sense of humour.



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