Why I have been updating less

Followers of this blog and other readers (I know there are some) may be wondering why I have been slower at updating the site for the past couple of months, there are one or two good reasons:

First and foremost, I have been working on creating a website entitled Pan and Scan. This is an online only digital magazine written by me and a group of fellow students: www.panandscan.co.uk. I may update here less often from now on as my efforts and time are spread over two sites. For those interested in my new website, I have given the link above, it is not just reviews and covers a wider topic area – just bear in mind that it has only just started, I hope to improve it over time.

Secondly, I have just started my final year of university and time will become increasingly difficult to come by. I will still post to this blog, and there will be more reviews up soon. This was merely a warning/advertisement as to why I will not be updating a huge amount – I would ultimately like to write one review a week, so please stick around!


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