Hotel! (2001) Review:

Turns out I’m branching out into TV movies now…

Well, if this doesn't make you want to watch Hotel! nothing will...
Well, if this doesn’t make you want to watch Hotel! nothing will…

Cast: Benjamin Boyd, Paul McGann, Art Malik, Peter Capaldi, Bradley Walsh, Keeley Hawes, Lysette Anthony, et al…

Director: Alan Nixon

Runtime: 75 minutes

Plot: Upon finding out that the President of the USA is staying at a hotel, terrorists attempt a hostage situation.

Hotel! Is a straight to TV comedy feature created by and shown on Channel Five that plays as a carbon copy of Airplane! and Naked Gun – the puns come thick and fast. The premise of the film is just a set up for awful one-liners and eye-rolling moments of campiness.

We are treated to Peter Capaldi and Paul McGann on screen together, both of them hamming and camping it up no end. Indeed, Hotel! is a stupid, camp comedy full of terrible jokes, but you can’t quite help but stop to watch it; in order to guess and see what crap joke flops out of the screen next. While it’s incredibly painful viewing, it is also enjoyable in some bizarre masochistic way.

Hotel! knows it is bad, it knows exactly what it is doing with all the jokes (the majority of which have nought to do with the plot), but you will get bored, 75 minutes of bad puns doesn’t really work, the plot is pointless so there’s no hope there. Really, the only way Hotel! would be worth watching is if it were funny, as it is, it’s more funny to laugh at for 20 minutes.

Indeed, even the jokes run out of steam, after twenty or so minutes they become less and less frequent which is a bad, bad thing. The first twenty minutes are annoyingly enjoyable, you will hate yourself when you laugh properly at a pun, but after that, the plot takes more prevalence and it plain just doesn’t work.

There is nothing of merit in Hotel! it looks cheap, sounds cheap and is poorly directed and shot, there is nothing inventive about the film that perhaps relies on its (as of 2001) slightly star-studded cast for its television success.


Hotel! is bad, very bad, so bad in fact that it is almost worth watching to see and try and guess what shockingly awful pun will turn up next. When the puns become less frequent however, it loses anything it had in the first place.

I would say don’t bother, but hey, I’m feeling generous.



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