In Flames: Siren Charms (2014) Review:

You won’t be drawn in by their siren song.

Introducing your new look, boring In Flames.
Introducing your new look, boring In Flames.

Siren Charms is the worst In Flames record – by far. In Flames have fans that haven’t accepted anything they’ve done since Clayman, and they also have fans that only like the stuff they’ve done since. However, Siren Charms won’t impress anyone with its lacklustre song-writing.

Alarm bells rang for me when Sony announced that there are enough metal anthems in the album for old fans, but here’s the thing, it’s not like Siren Charms isn’t a metal record, Siren Charms still sounds like In Flames even. It sounds like In Flames by the numbers – it’s dull and uninteresting.

The album follows on from where Sounds of a Playground Fading left off, but it sounds like they’re not bothered by any of it anymore, the guitars are duller, the bass is less prevalent and the drums just aren’t into the whole thing. The worst of the worst though is Anders’ vocals; he sounds bad. There is one song in the album where his screaming actually made me laugh a little, it really is like the whole band doesn’t care anymore about making music; they’ve all lost their interest and it shows.

This isn’t to say that all the songs are bad though, the whole album is actually still okay, just not good per se. The heavier tracks on the album are better than the others, but they are still quite boring, none of them seem to be into it anymore and that’s about all I can say for Siren Charms.


This isn’t the In Flames we all know and love. It’s a lifeless version of it engineered for the masses to kinda listen to. I’d like a little more energy from their next album and a bit of enthusiasm – I miss the days when In Flames was fun.

A dull, lifeless metal album.



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