Scar Symmetry: The Singularity, Phase One: Neohumanity Review:

Holy trilogy concept album, readers!

Looks snazzy too.
Looks snazzy too.

Scar Symmetry have made a name for themselves in the metal community for mixing highly technical, highly skilful death metal with catchy choruses – put together in a package that often speaks of technology and all things science-fiction. Their latest is perhaps the conclusion of all their aspects.

However, Neohumanity is not quite as hard-hitting as their previous efforts, with more keyboards and synthesisers present to equal the album’s writing on the rise of technology, androids in particular – like I said, this is a concept trilogy album, so it starts their story off so to speak.

With the tonal shift to a more electronic sound comes a few more interesting musical ideas, one of these is an overall tone and sound to the whole album that retains its signature sound throughout. Indeed, it is almost cyclical in its nature, with the last track following a similar style to that of the opening of the record. Essentially, this is Scar Symmetry’s best put together album, with each song appearing in the right place despite there only being eight tracks.

In terms of recording, the band has outdone themselves – Neohumanity was recorded very well, enabling you to truly understand and appreciate the amount of work went into assuring that this album is there most technically diverse and structured.

I mentioned earlier that Neohumanity is perhaps not quite as hard-hitting as the band’s previous efforts, that is not to say this isn’t heavy. Indeed, Neohumanity lives up to the band’s name for producing death metal, but there is just a little more singing this time around – it is still quite brutally heavy at times.

If you are put off by the idea of a concept album, don’t be, this is just as good as anything else Scar Symmetry has done; the tracks Limits to Infinity and Neuromancers in particular sound like they could have been on any of their records. And that is the majesty of this album, it works great as whatever you want it to be – it’s great to just listen to, there is enough depth throughout so you can examine every nook and cranny of the record for a good long time and just in general it’s very, very fun.


Scar Symmetry’s latest is a testament to the band’s ability to adapt and change while retaining their signature style, and you know what, it is their most accomplished record to date – don’t be scared off by the concept trilogy spiel, this is a cracking album and Scar Symmetry have proved once again that they are the masters of their field.

A masterful album from a band that simply astound, the next one can’t come soon enough.



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