Sonic Lost World (3DS) Review:

Sonic Lost quality.

At least it looks quite nice.
Eat slices of wind Robot caterpillar thing!

Sonic Lost World was released as two games, this, the 3DS version and the Wii U version – both share the same story and cut-scenes, but both offer a different selection of levels, suffice to say the Wii U version is the main one.

Sonic Lost World on the Wii U is a solid game, not amazing, but certainly has moments of quality – the 3DS version however is a bad game with fleeting moments of solidness, it contains none of the quality present in the Wii U version. This is a shame as the 3DS version of Sonic Generations is very good, as are the Rush, Colours and Advance games – perhaps they tried too much with Lost World.

Lost World starts off promising, the first world offering fun stages that stand as the best the game has to offer, introducing us to the various mechanics of the game such as running across walls – a feature that never won over many fans, it works better on the Wii U version where one can see what they are doing better on the big screen. We are also introduced to colour powers at the start, however, they provide one of my biggest sticking points of the game.

This colour power at least looks nifty.
This colour power at least looks nifty.

Colour powers were quite fun in Sonic Colours and in Lost World on the Wii U they were non-intrusive, here they just suck. Colour powers in this game are far too intrusive, there are many sections in stages where colour powers have to be used, they cannot be ignored – and this is a big issue. The colour powers this time around, barring the “laser” power are not fun to use, they are slow, cumbersome and really suck the fun right out of the stages.

What also sucks the fun out of the stages is they’re length – they go on for ages, forcing you to do things like kill a certain amount of enemies, use crappy colour powers and lots of trial and error. Indeed, there are enemies you have to kill to progress throughout the stages, and it is not explained how to kill them, leaving you to try and try again, making what should have taken less than a minute, take at least five – it is stuff like this that makes you want to stop playing, but I persevered.

The worst colour power of them all, it barely wants to work.
The worst colour power of them all, it barely wants to work.

The thing is, there is just enough charm and just enough fun in the game to pull you through its mediocre design and enforced crap. A large part of this comes through the visuals and soundtrack, both of which I feel are quite strong, and there are some moments in each stage that take you back to what is good about Sonic games in general, the speed and momentum.

There is also a fairly neat crafting system which sees you using gems (or something like that) you gather from completing stages to create “RC Vehicles”, small flying vehicles that can help you when you are stuck on an enemy or section, each one does something slightly different and they do add to what is otherwise a very short game.

I probably hated this stage.
I probably hated this stage.

There is also an online and local multiplayer mode that sees you running races against competitors, as well as an online leaderboard for each stage based on your speed of completion. There is also the pursuit of Chaos Emeralds through the completion of Special stages, but this is something you shouldn’t bother with as the Special stages themselves are the worst thing about the game – they last ages and force you to use incredibly ungainly motion controls – a feature of the 3DS that is oft ignored for good reason I feel.


Sonic Lost World is not worth buying, especially if you have the far superior Wii U version. It forces you to use features that perhaps never should have been there in the first place (the colour powers, ugh), mixing that with bad level design, overly long levels and terrible bonus stages to boot. Mix that in with cut-scenes taken straight from the Wii U version, with the worst compression of all time and you have a pretty bad end product, despite its fleeting moments of fun.

Sonic Lost World is not worth your money. Buy the far superior Wii U version or Generations instead.



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