The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX Review:

The one with a Chain Chomp.

Told you.
Told you.

Link’s Awakening DX is something of a marvel – technically it is impressive that it was ever made for the Gameboy Colour, it runs smooth as anything and plays just as well as any other top-down Zelda game. Indeed, Link’s Awakening DX only suffers a little because of its simplicity, but what we have here is a fully-fledged Zelda game, only for the Gameboy Colour.

Link’s Awakening DX follows the basic Zelda formula; you move from dungeon to dungeon, each one giving a new item and puzzles that go along with them. The story of the game is simple enough; you need to wake a sleeping wind fish on Koholint Island by obtaining and playing the Eight Instruments of the Sirens. This is a gameplay system that will be familiar to Zelda fans (if not just game fans), and it works just as well in this game as it always has – simplicity is always appreciated.

Go on! It's Spearmint!
Go on! It’s Spearmint!

However, if there is one criticism of this game, is that it is a tad too simplistic in its design (no doubt a consequence of the hardware it was developed for). Often information about what to do, or how puzzles worked seemed random, often leading to frustrating times in dungeons – I found myself turning to a guide on multiple occasions. Although I don’t think of myself being “good” at games, I believe I should be able to get through a game without the need for a guide, but I do think my logic and puzzle-solving skills leave little to be desired.

However, with Link’s Awakening some of the puzzles just plain did not make sense and how anyone could figure them out on their own is beyond me – the answers just seemed to be arbitrary. Thankfully, Link’s Awakening’s simplistic design leads to fun combat (the Zelda series can always be proud of its combat), fun graphics, fun items and even a large amount of fun puzzles.

Shy Guys as well.
Shy Guys as well.

I don’t think Link’s Awakening is as absorbing as other games in the series, nor as memorable, but it is great fun – indeed, it is only further fuel to the fire for my argument that Zelda is better top-down. Essentially, Link’s Awakening DX is a great game to buy for your 3DS, just don’t expect a masterpiece – this is a fun game, and one of my favourite Zelda games. Also, it has side-scrolling sections, so yeah.


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX is great fun despite its slightly infuriating puzzles surely a consequence of the hardware it was developed for (or its age). You are getting a fun story, fun gameplay, fun graphics and pretty much a full-on Zelda experience for a fiver – just buy it.

Makes me want to play more Zelda games, on to the Oracles!



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