All That Remains: The Order of Things Review:

All that remains of a good band.

Pretty cool cover design though.
Pretty cool cover design though.

All That Remains are a band that have struggled for form for a good while now and unfortunately, their latest, The Order of Things doesn’t buck the downward trend, it rather steps sideways. This is a band that appears to say they don’t care about their old fans, indeed, at least two tracks in this album openly say that fans are annoying. While I can appreciate that fans can be real douches, to openly write songs slamming them is disrepectful, if not childish.

Despite this, Tru-Kvlt-Metal is actually a brilliant song (disregarding the awful name) and the other track about the fans, Victory Lap is good also, so it turns out writing a song about something they feel strongly about works in favour of the fans even if the lyrics are somewhat disrepectful to faithful fans who stick with the band through thick and thin.


Anyway, here’s the low-down on The Order of Things – it contains the most singing out of any All That Remains album, which kinda lets it down, because, unlike A War You Cannot Win, there are no songs that downright stink, but with more of an emphasis on heaviness, The Order of Things could have been rather good.

The second track, No Knock contains no singing, is slower and just downright cool – it sounds like classic All That Remains. Why couldn’t there be more than one track like this? They can obviously still play them, they just don’t want to. Instead, we get tracks like The Greatest Generation, which about the elderly contains kind sentiment, but the theme and lyrics just don’t make for a good metal song, indeed, songwriting and lyrics seem to be a consistent issue with All That Remains.

Throughout, fairly cromulent songs are let down by a lame chorus, or a vocal performance lacking in power or trying too hard to sound commercial perhaps. However, it is not all bad, out of the twelve tracks, one is outstanding, five more are great, and one or two more are decent (ruined by the lyrics or chorus or verse). But throughout the album there is a feeling of disappointment, that this could have been more than it was, there are moments in each track, but for all than No Knock, The Order of Things just isn’t heavy enough.


While a good selection of the tracks are good, The Order of Things just ultimately falls flat, it is not a bad album, and each track does have redeemable qualities – it just isn’t heavy enough and most of the songs that are are ruined by dodgy vocals or lyrics. I still have hope this band can revert to their awesome ways, they just need a producer to tell them how.

Not their worst, but absolutely nowhere near their best, disappointing.



2 thoughts on “All That Remains: The Order of Things Review:

  1. I agree. It’s an album that is frustratingly almost good but is also very disappointing, and not even because you were expecting it to be good, but you were hoping for it to be good; your hope was made real with No Knock, but then the rest of the album wasn’t anything on as good — so your disappointment was even more. Brilliant review.

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