The Haunted: Revolver Review:

Hauntingly good? …sorry.

Ooh, album art.
Ooh, album art.

The Haunted are a new band to me, despite the fact they’ve been around for ages – they are a Swedish thrash metal band in my eyes at least, offering something different from other Swedish bands of the time such as In Flames. The Haunted is heavy, uncompromising and unforgiving, Revolver is an album that doesn’t let up, it never really quietens down, apart from one track…

That track in question is Burnt to a Shell, which instead of sounding like thrash takes on a more blues style, and dude, what a track it is. Even Burnt to a Shell is uncompromising, it follows the standard verse, chorus structure, but as it goes on, it gets heavier, louder and all those things you associate with metal music – for me it is the stand out track, but that is because it is different from the others, which as a whole, kinda blend into one.

Don’t worry though, it’s a good blend, full of cool riffs, ugly words and a lot of blast beats. Indeed, ugly is quite a good word to use to describe the album, it is one of the ugliest albums I have heard, sounding similar in tone to something like Children of Bodom minus the gorgonzola. This is no cheese-fest then, no, from the first listen it seems like rather a simple record, however upon multiple listens its intricacies open themselves up to you – this is an album that grows on you.

For those worried that Revolver contains no singing, let me tell you that it actually has a relatively diverse style of vocal performances throughout, clearly the vocalist had been influenced by a whole gamut of metal music. A small selection of the tracks sound a tad one-note however, but they are the exception, not the rule, Revolver has quite a lot going for it, but it remains just outside of an easily recommendable record.

You need to be in the right frame of mind to listen to Revolver, it is at times too uncompromising and relentless, but this is just my taste – I am on a whole slightly unused to listening to metal records that never let up, as most seem to slow down at least sometimes. I know however that some people will absolutely love this album, in all its ugliness.


Revolver is an album that grows on you, it is relentless, heavy and aggresive – metal without anything unnecessary thrown in to get in the way. However, the uncompromising nature of the record does mean that you need to be in the right frame of mind to listen to it, but when you are, there isn’t a lot better in my mind.

A mad, ugly album.



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