Monster Truck: Furiosity Review:

Furiosity killed the truck.

Shame about the album cover though...
Shame about the album cover though…

Monster Truck is quickly becoming one of my favourite bands, I rather enjoyed both of their EPs, but their debut album is spectacular. Monster Truck’s brand of blues style hard rock is wonderful to listen to, providing a fun, no-nonsense style of music that doesn’t rely on anything technical, just on its own performance.

Monster Truck provides their no-nonsense music in a simple manner, going for catchy riffs (played on both the bass and guitar) in a blues-style, brought forward by an organ and some powerful vocals. Furiosity dishes out simple songs that are great fun to listen to from start to finish; a quality, but uncomplicated record.

As is the mix of the album, Furiosity has been recorded in a way that hearkens back to the old days, but with a more modern, crisper sound. The mix in the album is consistent, and while it sounds like the band didn’t have a particularly large budget, I believe it worked in their favour. Monster Truck seems to enjoy being something of a throwback, and there are definitely shades of ZZ Top in their sound.

Dem guys who is making these tunes.
Dem guys who is making these tunes.

Tell you what; I enjoy Monster Truck’s throwback sound and the track Sweet Mountain River is now up there with my favourite tracks of all time, part of any playlist I create these days. The track in question sounds like it has come from the past, and thrust straight into the present, with its awesome main riff, fantastic lyrics and blues sound Sweet Mountain River is surely going to be a fan favourite for years to come.

There isn’t a bad track on the album, but there are definitely a couple of stand-outs including the aforementioned Sweet Mountain River. For the Sun is a slow, seven minute long track coming in the middle of the record, it offers a slight change of pace for Furiosity, and it really works. There are also a couple of shorter, faster tracks in the album, Boogie and The Giant, and The Giant is perhaps the most different track on the record. It’s a little heavier, and a little faster than the rest of the record, but it is in its lyrics where it offers something different.

For the majority of the album, Monster Truck employ fun, love based lyrics (Undercover Love is a brilliant example of this) with words like “baby” and “honey” rearing their heads more than a few times. The Giant however contains lyrics that remind me of the progressive band Mastodon; this is a track that talks about something supernatural, unlike the rest of the record but it does not sound out of place, instead complimenting the sound of the rest of the record by adding in something a little more different, but just as good.


Furiosity’s throwback, simple blues-rock style is a joy to listen to and should please fans of rock and metal alike thanks to its uncomplicated no-nonsense performance and delivery of riff after riff after riff. The album is held together by a powerful vocal performance and organ that really enhances the sound, fully realised in the track Sweet Mountain River – which, I believe is already a classic.

Furiosity is a brilliant album by a band that is quickly becoming one of my favourites.



5 thoughts on “Monster Truck: Furiosity Review:

  1. For me, Undercover Love and Sweet Mountain River are the album’s best tracks, with Boogie being the weakest. Without the keyboard, this album would be nothing!

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