Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) Review:

Killzone Shadow Fail?

killzone shado fall image 2
The lighting is rather impressive.

Killzone Shadow Fall was a launch game for the Playstation 4, developed by Guerilla Games. It’s the sixth game in the franchise, which has proved popular with Playstation owners since its birth. However, having played through Shadow Fall, I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about.

The first things I noticed about Shadow Fall is that the graphics are quite nice. It’s all technically rather impressive, but character faces and models do look odd. Environments however all look pretty good, but I feel like the art-style holds it back from looking truly great. The best thing about the graphics in the game however, is the lighting, which is rather impressive. Shadow Fall’s art-style however is rather unimaginative and quite dull looking, unfortunately. Thankfully, the gameplay isn’t as dull as the art-style.

Indeed, Shadow Fall is quite a fun shooter, with a nice variety of guns to use along with a host of neat features. The best thing about the gameplay however is the “OWL”: a flying drone that follows you around. You choose what your drone does with simple swipes of the touch-pad on the Dualshock 4. The OWL can attack or stun enemies, put up a shield, create a zip-line and hack/scan enemy terminals and alarms. All of this works quite well in the game’s open level design, filled with collectibles to find.

Killzone Shadow Fall Image 1
The OWL also likes to catch, kill, and eat mice.

What also works pretty well is the game’s use of stealth. Stealth in first-person shooters is nothing new, but it is executed rather well in this game. The mixture of the OWL, and open levels work in tandem with the stealth elements, but it is in the latter half of the campaign where stealth becomes more integral to the gameplay. Despite the good gameplay however, I do feel there are better shooters out there, as Shadow Fall does drag a little in its short campaign.

I think this is largely down to the story design, which, by all accounts, is dull. Shooters aren’t known for engrossing plots, but Shadow Fall’s never really got going, and by the sounds of it, the voice-actors never got into the whole thing either.  I never found myself caring about what was going on in the game’s plot, or its characters, the game unfortunately has a an air of dullness throughout, and this is matched in its online offerings as well as in the single-player; just without the boring plot getting in the way.

Killzone Shadow fall image 3

Online, matchmaking is quick and painless, and the variety of game modes as well as maps are nice, what isn’t nice, is the amount of extra, payed content. Despite this, the amount available to play straight out of the box online is good, but again, online multiplayer in Shadow Fall never really grabbed my attention as other online games have. Please bear in mind here, that I haven’t played the online multiplayer aspect of this game all that much, but i have given it a go. There is some fun to be had, but there is better out there for the PS4, for both online and off.


A decent game, but held back by unimaginative art-direction and a dull story that never gets going. Online multiplayer is again, decent, but there is better out there. Killzone Shadow Fall is worth your while for a small amount of money, and I’m sure some people will really love the game, because there is some quality in it.

Killzone Shadow Fall is a decent, but flawed first-person-shooter.



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