Gunman Clive (3DS) Review:

A couple of hours for a couple of quid.

Gunman Clive, created by Hörberg Productions, is a Mega Man style side-scrolling platforming shooter set in the year 18XX. You control Clive, who, as you likely guessed, is a gunman out on a quest to rescue the mayor’s daughter, who has been kidnapped.

gunman clive image 2

First things first, Gunman Clive is a very cheap game, costing under £2. As such, this is a very short game, one that can be completed in well under an hour if you know what you’re doing. Most people however will likely complete the game in around two hours. However, Gunman Clive is also a fun game, seemingly priding quality over quantity.

As said above, Gunman Clive is a shooter/platformer, and both aspects of the game work well for the most part. Shooting in particular is great fun, despite the fact you can only shoot in front and behind you, whilst in mid-air and whilst crouching. No shooting up or down to be found here. After an enemy is defeated, they can drop (or you can just pick up occasionally) upgrades for your gun, which do various things such as giving you larger bullets or explosive shells. Enemies also occasionally drop health items (cake), which comes in handy, as it is quite easy to die in this game – especially against bosses.

gunman clive image 1
The bosses really are difficult.

Bosses are larger (and crazier) than the standard enemies and add an extra layer of difficulty to an already slightly tricky game. What makes the game tricky is often the platforming aspect, which, at times can be frustrating. There is one moment in particular that involves bouncing and timing your jumps to absolute perfection, and it doesn’t really work all that well, demanding utmost perfection, which is never too much fun. However, there are a few neat puzzles thrown into the platforming sections reminiscent of many other indie platformers. A longer game could have seen more inventive platforming sections, but oh well, Gunman Clive was made by only one man.

And this is particularly impressive considering how smoothly the game runs. Its art-style, graphics and soundtrack are great fun too, very fitting for the style of the game and its setting – Westerns, but y’know, with punks and robots. Gunman Clive is a fun game well worth the ridiculously low price-point.


Gunman Clive is a game of good quality, but low length. However, taking into account that it was made by one guy, and that it only costs £2, any kind of criticism seems a tad harsh. There are some frustrating moments to be found in its short length however, and they do slightly spoil the experience.

Buy Gunman Clive. It’s ridiculously cheap, and well made.



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