Change is Coming

Since the beginning of this review blog, I’ve been using scores out of 100 for everything, but not anymore. From now on, I’ll be rating albums and films out of five stars (with half-increments of course). For whatever reason I believe that star-ratings work really well for music and films, but not so well for videogames. I will be carrying on with the 100-scale for game reviews.

I also want to do something about the length of my reviews. I would ideally like to write them with as much detail in as possible for the reader, but, writing for this and two other sites at the same time is becoming tricky – frequent visitors have surely noticed the decrease in updates in recent times. With this in mind, I want to write shorter, more to the point reviews which can allow for my backlog of over twenty posts to be completed in a shorter time.

I’m also considering changing the name of the site to something shorter and more memorable, but more on that *if* it comes.

My reasons for this site’s continuation remain the same as they always have done, and I will still be writing reviews of every film I watch, every game I finish and every album I listen to – in the order of their completion.

I look forward to continuing this website for as long as possible,

Toby Saunders.



4 thoughts on “Change is Coming

  1. Fair do. The name is good, though, sort of represents the style you’ve always gone for on the website. Star ratings probably are good for films and albums in particular, actually.

    1. I just think it works nicely, as the main aspect of the review is your argument, not the score. I feel that scores out of 100 are too arbitrary as well.

      I don’t think there’s any real difference between an 81 and 82 rated film for example.

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