Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS) Review:

Kirby Triple Deluxe is the latest “standard” Kirby game. Using what looks like the same engine as the Impressive Kirby’s Adventure Wii, Triple Deluxe sees Kirby travel up a giant beanstalk which sprouted underneath Dreamland, taking most of the landmarks with it into the sky; into a land called Floralia. Kirby finds when travelling to Dedede’s Castle King Dedede getting kidnapped by Taranza – some kind of bug guy – and thus Kirby goes off to rescue Dedede and set things right.

The story is presented in wonderful cut-scenes in full 3D, which look great on the small screens of Nintendo’s handheld. Indeed, Kirby Triple Deluxe looks beautiful and plays just as well. The vibrant colours of the Kirby series really pop in 3D, but it is the animations that left me with a big stupid grin on my face whilst playing the game. The animation is incredibly fluid in Triple Deluxe, every movement made by Kirby himself and each of the enemies is a joy to behold – the graphics and animation lets you know that this is a fun game even before you really start playing it.

kirby triple deluxe one

As I said above, Triple Deluxe offers a traditional Kirby experience, but with a few neat additions. As is Kirby tradition you run, jump and float through stages fighting enemies and solving puzzles as you go along, inhaling an enemy grants Kirby with a copy ability, which means you can use new attacks, allowing for different puzzles to be bested and enemies to be beaten much easier. New copy abilities to Triple Deluxe include Archer, Beetle, Bell and Circus along with around twenty returning powers. To learn what each copy ability can do, all you need to do is pause the game, which brings up a handy move-list for each one – it’s surprising how much you can do with each ability, so it is well worth trying them all out.

Triple Deluxe makes good use of the 3D capabilities of the 3DS too, with enemies attacking from the background, and the odd section where Kirby carries an electric pole of some kind that stretches into the back of the screen. Even the 3DS’s motion controls are used, for simple puzzles when Kirby has to get into a swing type object or simple puzzles involving fire, rope and a cannon. The motion controls actually work really well, so there are no worries there. The big new feature in Triple Deluxe is the rainbow-coloured Miracle Fruit, which makes you Hypernova Kirby.

kirby triple deluxe four

Hypernova Kirby is Kirby, but to the extreme. All it does is vastly improve your inhale ability, which allows Kirby to inhale extremely large objects and loads of enemies at once. Whilst this new power-up doesn’t sound incredible, some of the puzzles it brings are great fun, and as with the rest of the game, the animations the Hypernova brings are hilarious. It was great to see that the developers had fun with what is such a simple concept, and it never became dull or overused.

For the most part, Triple Deluxe never became dull, but its last world with its repeating boss battles was a little uninspired. The boss fights in Triple Deluxe are great and fairly inventive, reminding me of the best boss-battles of the Sonic franchise in their design. I don’t think repeating boss fights is ever a particularly great idea, unless you’re up against the same enemy, who has learned new tricks and even then that can come across as lazy. It’s not a big issue in Triple Deluxe and it is really one of the only faults with the game.

kirby triple deluxe three

Other issues include length and difficulty, but Triple Deluxe is not as short as other Kirby games, and it is actually not as easy. Still, it will take the average person around 8-12 hours to 100% the story mode, with not too much hassle. However, there is enough in the game to last a good 20 hours thanks to collectables and bonus modes. There are a lot of really neat keychains to collect and ogle, taking sprites and art from each of the older games in the series – it’s a nice touch for long-time fans of the franchise.

Outside of the main story there are three bonus modes, although one is a secret, so it shall remain that way. The two that are available from the start however are Kirby Fighters and Dedede’s Drum Dash. Kirby Fighters is a little Super Smash Bros. clone in which you can choose from a selection of Kirby’s copy abilities and fight through stages based on levels from old Kirby games. You can also play Kirby Fighters with three other players, much like Super Smash Bros. it’s a simple game, but it offers a neat enough distraction from the main game. Dedede’s Drum Dash on the other hand is great fun; it’s a rhythm game starring Dedede, where you have to get from one side of the stage to the other, pressing the A button to time jumping on drums correctly and moving to avoid enemies and collect coins – all to the sound of classic Kirby tunes.

kirby triple deluxe two

Dedede’s Drum Dash is very well made and as fun as other rhythm games, just very short. With the main story and the three bonus modes, Kirby Triple Deluxe is a complete package and the quality of the main story and Drum Dash in particular make it money well spent. Triple Deluxe looks great, has an awesome soundtrack and is just pure fun. Everything considered, Triple Deluxe is one of the best games available on the 3DS.


Kirby Triple Deluxe is one of the best Kirby games and one of the best 3DS games. It’s a joy to play watch and listen to from start to finish. It’s a shame that people won’t play this game because of its bright colours, as this is a gem.



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