SteamWorld Heist: The Outsider (3DS) Review:

Please Note: I originally wrote this review for The Game Bolt. The original can be found here.

The Outsider is the first piece of DLC for the popular and exceedingly good SteamWorld Heist. In this paid extra content, you come across Fen, a Scrapper left for dead; it is your job to revive him. Once you revive Fen you can hire the red-hooded robot as a new ally – and he kicks all kinds of ass.

The Outsider image

Fen is one cool dude, but I’m not sure that The Outsider is worth £4.49 ($4.99 in the States). Despite being only level 3 when you revive him, Fen has very good stats and abilities – he’s probably the best unit in the game. Fen’s main skill is charging. He can do this only a few times in any given mission, but once charged, he can heal a small amount of health or really dish out the pain, with an attack that does a lot more damage than usual. He moves quickly and can use a good variety of weapons.

The Outsider works by seamlessly adding in the extra missions and content into the main game, so to get the most out of it, I’d advise most people start a new game, or a new game+. Also included in the DLC are a slew of new, great weapons and a good number of new hats. It sounds like a lot, but in reality it feels more like just getting a few missions to play through. I completed the new missions in around an hour, and while they add a new, small story to the already impressive SteamWorld Heist I felt like I wanted my money back at the end of it.


There simply isn’t enough content in The Outsider to make it worth it at its current price. It feels like DLC that should’ve been given away for free, or at least, at a much lower cost. I really loved SteamWorld Heist, but The Outsider felt like a slap in the face at £4.49, even though it gave me more of what I loved.

I appreciate that the fine folks over at Image & Form wanted to expand the SteamWorld Heist universe, and I did enjoy The Outsider DLC, but I can’t recommend it at its current price. If this ever goes on sale, or becomes part of a bigger package down the line, then certainly give it a go. But for now, you can probably afford to skip this one.


The Outsider brings with it a cool new character and weapons to the SteamWorld Heist universe, but for the amount of content it offers, the price really is too high.



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