Streetpass Zombies (3DS) Review:

Streetpass Zombies is add-on content for your 3DS’ Streetpass Mii Plaza. Like all of the games on the Plaza, you need to collect Streetpass in order to play the title properly (you can hire people with Play Coins, but that requires you taking your 3DS out and about anyway). In Streetpass Zombies you are tasked with saving the world from the undead, killing hundreds of the walking dead through the course of the small game.

The game is split into worlds, with a good amount of stages on each one to get through. The levels range from clearing an area to collecting items to help people escape – simple stuff then. At the end of each world is a boss zombie, a big fella who wants your brains. The bosses were a nice surpise, and to be fair, despite Streetpass Zombies offering simple gameplay, the package as a whole came as a nice surprise.


The amount to do in the game is more than you’d expect for a bonus Streetpass game. Now, you’d expect to get something for the price it is, and there is a good amount on offer. In each level there are four medals to collect, each one can be obtained by achieving things like completing the stage under a certain amount of time. There are plenty of types of zombie to come across, including the elusive ‘Rare Zombies’, and each one requires a different strategy to eliminate them – clever stuff from a game that gives the impression of being very simple.

What’s also impressive is the game’s difficulty. Whilst Streetpass Zombies isn’t overly difficult, it does get harder towards the end, meaning that the game seems more worthwhile. There are also 21 different weapon types to find in the game. Everybody you pass will use a unique weapon, based on their chosen hobby in the Streetpass settings. Now, most people I passed used a Wii Remote Sword, as playing videogames seemed to be a very popular hobby. Each weapon does feel unique though, and discovering what they do is a strong part of how Streetpass Zombies can hold your interest.

zombie big attack
Each weapon type has a great special attack.

Don’t get me wrong though, because Streetpass Zombies is a simple game. You will spend most of the game pressing one button, and even though each zombie does have its own strengths and weaknesses, you can kill any of ’em with any weapon – this is because each person you pass carries their own weapon. If you’re expecting a decent story, Streetpass Zombies doesn’t give you one; everything in the game is happy, silly and very simple.


If you are bored of the standard games that come with Streetpass Mii Plaza, or just want something new out of Streetpass, then Streetpass Zombies is worth your time and money. Despite having more content than I expected it too, don’t go in expecting anything particularly deep.



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