Project X Zone (3DS) Review:

Warning! Review may contain boobs.

Video game crossovers don’t come around all that often, but when they do, they are often special. Project X Zone is a special game. Featuring one of the best casts of characters you’re likely to find in any form of media, this is a game for the fans. Specifically, fans of Capcom, Namco and Sega.

Now, I may have been slightly misleading when I described Project X Zone as a special game, because in reality it is only a solid game wrapped up in fan-service (I mean that in any way it can be construed). Coming from Monolith Soft – the people behind Xenoblade ChroniclesProject X Zone is a long game; unfortunately, it is not a difficult game.

Each mission in the game takes place on a grid-based battlefield based on locations from many different Capcom, Sega and Namco games. Friendly units and enemy units take turns to move, based on their speed stat, and if an enemy appears in your line of fire, then you activate a fight. Project X Zone’s fights take place in the ‘Cross Active Battle System’. This involves holding a direction and pressing the ‘A’ button. The complication comes from being able to time your attacks to ‘juggle’ your opponents, really dishing out the pain.

project x zone attack
Special attacks are a thing of beauty.

Dealing damage fills up your Cross Power gauge, which can be used to defend against enemies or to unleash special attacks. Special attacks are brilliant fun, with screen-filling attacks, quality animations and character-specific music all going on at once – the special attacks sum up everything I loved about Project X Zone.

Project X Zone looks and sounds amazing; with some of the best sprite-work I have ever seen. The fights are bombastic, with gloriously animated combos filling the screen, wiping out any enemy in your path. I love how the game looks, but I also love the game’s nonsensical plot. Seeing characters from Tekken interacting with the likes of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil never gets old, and that’s not even the strangest of combinations.

project x zone animation
Ooh, fan-service.

Despite the large amount of characters in the game, there are notable exclusions. Ryu from Shenmue isn’t to be seen for example. Of course, as with any game, it’s hard to please everyone with character selection, but there were a few I was sad to not see in the game. There were also plenty of characters I have never heard of, from games that never made it outside of Japan, which only added to the glorious zaniness in my opinion.

Project X Zone is amazingly bonkers, but it does drag itself down. As I said earlier, Project X Zone is a long game (it took me 50 hours to complete), but it is quite easy. You quickly get the hang of juggling opponents and achieving critical hits, and recovery items are plentiful. I wasn’t too bothered by the easy difficulty, but it does mean you play through a 50-hour long game without ever breaking a sweat – it can get a little boring.

Project X Zone image
This will happen at least once in every single stage.

Most of the stages are simple to complete too, with the aim just being to defeat the boss (or ten bosses) for the most part. There are a few stages throughout that shake the formula up a bit, and these offer fun changes to the pace of the game. I did love the ridiculous, nonsensical plot, but there is a lot of text to sift through, and very few cut-scenes. Despite the bombastic nature of the fights, Project X Zone is a slow-paced game.

It’s simple too, with strategy rarely coming into the equation, which, for a strategy RPG isn’t brilliant. Despite all of the flaws however, Project X Zone is a fun game, thanks largely to its bonkers nature. I couldn’t get enough of the game’s visuals or soundtrack. I loved how zany it is, so my 50 hours spent with the game was worth it.


Project X Zone is bonkers, with excellent visuals, an incredible cast of characters and a fantastic soundtrack to back it up. Fighting in the game is great fun too, despite its simplicity. The game’s lack of difficulty, overly long length and slow pace does bog the experience down somewhat though.



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      1. Right now, we’re on a serious budget…I can only afford a couple games a quarter, when we’re not trying to rub to pennies together, to make a dime! Thanks for the info!

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