The Little Panda Fighter (2008) Review:

Director: Michelle Gabriel

Runtime: 51 minutes

Cast: Raul Schlosser, Sidney Ross, Claudia Victoria, et al…

Plot (taken from IMDb): A panda named Pancada who works at a boxing club wishes to become a dancer, but gets caught up in an upcoming fight due to a case of mistaken identity.

Imagine it. The year is 2008, Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda has been and gone in the cinema. For Christmas the little one wants to get the film on DVD, and he sees a DVD shaped box, wrapped up, waiting for him to claw at frantically. The look on his face when he opens the present, only to discover that he has not been given Kung Fu Panda by Santa, but a copy of The Little Panda Fighter instead. That’s it, Santa doesn’t exist. Childhood ruined. Or is it?

The Little Panda Fighter is the worst film I have ever seen. So in all likeliness, yes, that kid’s childhood was ruined the day he reluctantly watched The Little Panda Fighter. Not only was he treated to a film with a terrible, boring-arse plot, but he was also treated to some pure nightmare fuel animation and character design.

I mean, just look at the star of the show here:

little panda fighter image three

Not to mention the bizarrely anthropomorphic polar bear, who now runs the bar where our panda friend decides to be a fighter and dancer at the same time.

little panda fighter image four

In short, The Little Panda Fighter is a terrible rip-off of Kung Fu Panda where the only things in common are a panda that wants to fight (except he kinda doesn’t), and that people laugh at him at first.

It’s a horribly executed mess of a film that only exists to prey on those too cheap to pay for the real thing. Tell you what though, at 3 am, this film does give a few laughs. You’ll be laughing at how bad it is, not with it though. That is very clear.


The Little Panda Fighter is terrible in every conceivable way. I’m not entirely sure why I own it, but at least I got to laugh at it once. Never again mind.



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