Wayne’s World (1992) Review:

Director: Penelope Spheeris

Runtime: 94 minutes

Cast: Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere, et al…

Plot (taken from IMDb): Two slacker friends try to promote their public-access cable show.

Waynes world image one

Wayne’s World is a raucously funny film. Featuring standout performances from its leads and a gloriously stupid attitude to filmmaking, it makes sure that your party time will be excellent. It’s by no means a masterpiece, but it is undoubtedly a comedy classic.

Wayne and Garth (played by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey respectively) are a great pair. They’re a pair of guys who never grew up, and are trying to make it big in the public-access world. They love rock music, babes and having a laugh. The energy from both of them is infectious, especially with all the times the fourth-wall is broken by Wayne and Garth.

Wayne’s World breaks so many rules of conventional filmic practice, but it knowingly does so. It has fun with itself. It knows it’s not the best film ever made, but it doesn’t care. Penelope Spheeris’ direction gives Wayne and Garth a voice, she gives them the reins of the film, for better or worse.

waynes world image three

Wayne talks to the audience quite a lot, it’s always silly, but he often thinks he has a point to make, no matter how stupid or stupidly he says it. Garth, meanwhile, doesn’t really have much to say. He makes the odd comment, but typically, he is unsure about the limelight, awkward and evasive. They work really well together because of their different characteristics, but start to get torn apart when a girl comes between them.

Cassandra provides the driving force behind the films plot, but unfortunately, she kinda detracts from the hilarity too. Tia Carrere’s Cassandra lacks screen-presence, and is outshined by the entire cast throughout. She adds the film’s drama, but at times she does definitely get in the way of the stupid humour – maybe that’s why Garth doesn’t really like her.

Waynes World image two

Ultimately, Wayne’s World is about friendship and keeping it real, but to be honest, the plot doesn’t really matter. Wayne’s World is effortlessly funny when it wants to be. It’s the kind of film that you’ve probably heard and repeat quotes from, without even knowing where they’re from. It’s endlessly enjoyable and instantly re-watchable.

In terms of laughs and likeability, Wayne’s World more than holds its own against other American comedy classics such as Dodgeball and Anchorman. Some may find the amount of jokes off-putting and some may not enjoy the stupid sense of humour, but I loved it. If total airheads saying incredibly idiotic things for an hour and a half doesn’t sound like your thing, steer clear of Wayne’s World, but if like me, you find yourself in a stupid mood every now and then you can’t do much better than watching Mike Myer’s best.


Stupid, hilarious and self-aware, Wayne’s World is Mike Myer’s best. Wayne and Garth are a great pair and even when Cassandra comes in to ruin their friendship and the film, there are more than enough idiotic jokes to keep you laughing throughout.



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