Top 25 Mega Drive Games: 25-21

The Mega Drive (or Genesis for those of the American persuasion) was a great console, wasn’t it? I spent many an hour transfixed to the television screen, plugging away at one Mega Drive game or another back when I were a young-un. I have so many fond memories of perhaps Sega’s finest hour that I thought I should create a list of the top 25 Mega Drive games.

Every day this week, I’ll be listing my favourite games on Sega’s 16 Bit legend in groups of five. Today you get to see what games win the coveted 25-21 spots on my list.

25. Sonic Spinball

Sonic Spinball takes our beloved Blue Blur and places him into a Pinball game. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. You have to remember though, that other Sonic games contain pinball sections. Sonic had prior experience in this world before this game. With neat stage design, brilliant graphics and settings that wouldn’t look out of place in any Sonic game, Sega delivered what I still consider to be one of the best Pinball games ever made. Sonic Spinball shows that Sonic had more tricks up his sleeves than platforming.

24. Alien Storm

Alien Storm is a beat-’em-up in the lines of Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and Golden Axe. It’s perhaps not as good as other titles in the genre, but it’s violent weapons, faster gameplay and even some first-person moments make sure it’s memorable. The amount of enemies on screen can get overwhelming, but as with all Mega Drive games, do not expect an easy ride. A hoot in co-op or alone, Alien Storm is a classic.

23. Desert Strike

Desert Strike may not be as fondly remembered as other games on this list, but I loved the isometric tactical gameplay. Essentially, you fly around, taking out enemy soldiers, camps, tanks and the like. It’s tricky and it may look a little bland, but it is an engrossing experience that demands you to think on your feet. It’s a great war game.

22. Columns

With traditional match-three gameplay and a soundtrack that can get grating, it’s everyone’s favourite, early Mega Drive puzzler: Columns. The simple design is timeless and it created many tense moments in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. It’s not up there with the best puzzle games of all time, but anyone looking for a simple, fun puzzle game should have a good time with Columns.

21. Ecco the Dolphin

Ah. Ecco the Dolphin. Where do I begin? Underneath it’s tranquil soundtrack and lush visuals lies a solid gold adventure game. The controls might take some getting used to, but it’s worth the plunge. It’s a smart game that makes the most of its underwater setting. You’ll come up against sharks, giant octopuses and the like, all while needing to go up to the surface every now and then for a big, deep breath of that lovely oxygen.

So there you have it. My top Mega Drive games, numbers 25-21. Stay tuned tomorrow for numbers 20-16. Trust me. You don’t want to miss it.


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