Top 25 Mega Drive Games: 15-11

The last ten Mega Drive games were all great, but this next list of five is even better. Yesterday’s list was a list full of nostalgia for me, with games such as Art Alive! and Toy Story seeing some recognition. Today is all about the classics. After today, if your favourite Mega Drive game hasn’t been listed, I’d start to get worried. Time is running out.

15. Golden Axe

Golden Axe isn’t the most accomplished beat-’em-up ever made, but boy did I play this game to death. Enemy design is hideous, typically enemies only wear pads of amour and forego the whole clothes idea. The music isn’t the best, either, but it was so much fun, I never really stopped to pay attention. Golden Axe is brilliant fun in co-op especially. Hacking and slashing away at skimpily dressed men never felt so fun.

14. Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island

Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island (Sonic 3D Blast for those of the American persuasion) took Sonic into the third dimension for the first time. Sort of. Instead of the typical side-scrolling viewpoint of the blue blur, Sonic 3D offers up an isometric view, in which you have full 360° control of Sonic. The aim is to collect all of the Flickies, exploited by Dr. Robotnik in one of his nefarious plots. The slower pace and slightly tricky controls are enough to put some people off, but for those who gave the game a proper go, Sonic 3D provides another charming and fun outing for Sega’s reliable mascot.

13. Vectorman

Where do I start with this one? It’s awesome soundtrack? Vectorman himself, the robot with the ‘tude? The fantastic shooting? Vectorman is a game that keeps on giving. There’s so much to love about this game that I’m wondering myself why it’s only at the halfway point in this list. Oh yeah. It’s frustratingly difficult and the camera is a little too close to the action. It’s vast stages can be tricky to navigate thanks to the camera. Shooting the hell out of enemy robots, TVs, helicopters and the like never gets old though.

12. QuackShot: Starring Donald Duck

While everyone else was busy playing Ducktales (whoo-oo!), I was glued to the fantastic QuackShot: Starring Donald Duck. As part of the brilliant Illusion series of Disney license games developed by Sega, the game sees Donald Duck go on some kind of Indiana Jones inspired adventure, complete with moving across a map moments. Your plucky duck can throw plungers, sprint, jump and throw popcorn. It was a recipe for success. I loved this game. What’s that? A walking cactus? Hah! I’ll stop that with my trusty plunger. Also comes in handy for unblocking toilets and sinks.

11. Gain Ground

A top down bullet-hell style game with an incredible soundtrack and killer gameplay. I only discovered Gain Ground a couple of years ago, but it instantly jumped up as one of my favourite games on the Mega Drive. In the video above you get a feel of how mental it gets, but it doesn’t do the insane difficulty justice. This is one difficult game. You beat stages either by clearing the screen of any bad guys, or by rushing to the exit. Watch out, though, as new playable characters can be found, waiting to be rescued, offering unique abilities to help you in your quest. A true classic.

There you have it. Day three of five. This list of the top 25 Mega Drive games is really taking shape now. We’re so close to the top ten now, you can almost taste it. Watch out for tomorrow’s post: Day Four. Numbers 10-6.


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