Toybox Turbos (Steam) Review

To sum Toybox Turbos up in one sentence: Imagine the classic Micro Machines gameplay with modern graphics. Indeed, Toybox Turbos is incredibly similar to the Micro Machines games. You race miniature cars around tracks based on real-life environments such as kitchen work surfaces, pool tables and desks covered in science experiments.

It’s all rather bright and breezy, with colourful sound design to back up the game’s colourful graphics. Underneath this friendly veneer, however, is a heart of darkness. Toybox Turbos is evil. You can be winning a race, seemingly well ahead, and make one tiny mistake – hello last place. I’m joking, really, as the standard races can be rather forgiving, with clever use of items and shortcuts. In other race styles, however, the tiniest of mistakes can cost you.


Alongside standard races are time trials, out-pacing the shade of doom and battles. The shade of doom (not the official name, but it should be), chases you, and to win the most stars, the further you have to go. If you slightly hit a wall though (entirely possible considering the amount of obstacles and “floaty” cornering), you lose all momentum and fail far too early. The battles, too, which require you to beat your opponent by either going too fast, or by destroying them just aren’t much fun.

These battles are essentially the game’s answer to boss fights. You beat them; you move onto the next world and unlock them for your own use. To beat the boss however, you have to win eight matches. This can last forever. You blow them up; they force you off the track. It’s often quite back and forth. Every time you lose, they take a win from you. It gets annoying and dull quite quickly.


Unfortunately, Toybox Turbos can be quite dull, despite the bright graphics. It never held my attention like Micro Machines used to. It feels like a budget rip-off version of Micro Machines, despite it being created by the same developers. It can be a fun game, but you are always aware that what you’re playing isn’t Micro Machines. Track design is exciting, but cluttered, missing the simplistic charms of the series it’s trying to recreate. Toybox Turbos can be decent fun, especially in multiplayer however, and at a low price, it’s worth a look.


Toybox Turbos feels like a poor man’s Micro Machines. It can be fun, but is frustrating and suffers from cluttered track designs.


2 thoughts on “Toybox Turbos (Steam) Review

  1. I like the idea of a Micro Machines-like game. Shame that this one isn’t that good. I sort of remember playing a game like this back in the N64 days, but I can’t remember what it was. Nice review!

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