Raveneye: Breaking Out Review

The title might sound like developing a bad spot problem, but Raveneye’s debut EP, Breaking Out is full of promise, energy and some very catchy riffs. The band’s stadium-filling heavy rock sound is sure to be a big deal one day, straddling the line between mainstream and underground classics. This three-piece rock band is the best thing to come out of Milton Keynes since Dele Alli.

We start with the title track, which really is the best of the EP. It’s heavy riff and smooth groove very reminiscent of the classic hard rock bands we all know and love. It’s a track full of energy, characterised by the brilliant vocals from frontman, Oli Brown. His voice is real smooth, sounding like someone lifted straight out of a 1970s hard rock group – it’s crazy to think that the band has only been around since 2014. His performance on the guitar is nothing to be sniffed at, either. His understanding of the heavy blues sound is really rather splendid throughout the EP – it’s great driving music.

Breaking Out is full of awesome riffs, guitar solos and vocal work. It’s all held together however, by Aaron Spiers’ incredible bass playing. I’ve seen the band live, too, and let me tell you: this is a sound that deserves to be heard live. The energy in their performances match that of this EP. It’s great stuff. This is music full of fun, exciting riffs and catchy choruses.

The tracks, Breaking Out, You Got It and Hey Hey Yeah are the best the EP has to offer, but the other two songs on the EP show that the band isn’t just about the heavier side of hard rock. Run Away for example features a great beat backed up by a catchy chorus. It may not be as heavy as other tracks, but some may prefer this. Throughout it all though, I wish the band contained a fourth member on the organ. The blues calls out for this instrument, adding just another dimension to the great sound.


Simply put, if you’re after a fun, energetic heavy blues rock record, I highly recommend Breaking Out. Big up the Raveneye.


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