Delain: We Are the Others Review

Delain, the Dutch power-metal cheese fest, are quite a fun band, with simple, heavy, catchy riffs backed up with sing-a-long choruses. The trouble is, it’s all a bit too simple with We Are the Others.

This is an album that struggles to excite, despite all its best intentions. It starts off rather well with Mother Machine, Electricity and title track, We Are the Others. These tracks show off what Delain are all about. Catchy, simple tunes held together by heavy riffs, good choruses and a few extra effects such as the piano. Sadly, after the opening, We Are the Others starts to drop off. It tries to do differentiate throughout its 12 tracks, skimping too often on the heavier stuff that they do best.

The party atmosphere created in the opening three tracks fizzles out, and the rest of the album has to clean up afterwards. Throughout these tracks, to be fair, there are plenty of heavy riffs, but the party atmosphere is sadly missing from a few too many of them. Delain can sound too often like a Euro pop band, with too many electronic moments for my liking. I can abide with a good level of cheese, but Delain takes it to another level.

I’m not entirely sure the album runs out of steam, or if I get bored of it to be honest though. I say the party atmosphere of the early tracks dissipates, but a lot of the tracks follow a very similar pattern. There are a number of tracks that aren’t as fun as something like Mother Machine, but the heaviness typically remains. The main trouble is, as I see it, is that the opening tracks that are the best on the record just aren’t that great anyway. It’s all too simple, too cheesy and lacks oomph. We Are the Others can be fun, but it’s limited.


We Are the Others struggles to keep things interesting over its 12 tracks. Songs taken by themselves can be quite fun, but as an album, it lacks momentum.


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