Korn: Life is Peachy Review

Do you like your albums hugely inconsistent? Do you like them to contain 14 tracks, but have limited songs? If your answer to these questions is no, Korn’s Life is Peachy is probably not for you. However, if you answered yes to both (why?) then Life is Peachy comes recommended.

Joking aside, if you’re looking for an album with quality bass-guitar leaning onto the side of wizardry, you could certainly do worse. Korn are well known for their dropped-down, bass-heavy sound and Life is Peachy is no different. The issue is, Life is Peachy simply doesn’t really do anything with this sound that hasn’t been bettered since. Good God is a quality track however, somewhat out of place compared to the rest of the album. There are a few high-points in the record, to go along with the aforementioned Good God, such as Chi, Mr. Rogers, No Place to Hide and A.D.I.D.A.S.

Outside of these tracks, however, Life is Peachy struggles to remain interesting, catchy or even decent. It coughs and stutters throughout its lengthy runtime. The best the record has to offer just doesn’t match up to the best on any of their other albums, either. There isn’t anything that even comes close to tracks like Right Now, Freak on a Leash or Did My Time. Indeed, the best on here sounds like the slightly weaker stuff on the rest of their discography.

The weakest stuff on Life is Peachy just isn’t worth your time. Tracks like Twist, Lost, Swallow, Porno Creep, Wicked and Low Rider feel like filler between the better material. This is an album that never quite gets going, despite the best intentions of tracks like Good God and No Place to Hide. Big fans of Korn might laugh at my opinions of Life is Peachy, but oh well, I just don’t like it all that much. It’s a dull, repetitive and sadly lacklustre record.


Korn’s Life is Peachy doesn’t come recommended thanks to an overall lack of quality and a hugely inconsistent nature.


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