Twelve Things I Want From the Switch Presentation

There’s nothing much more exciting than a new videogame console, especially when it comes from Nintendo. We may have already seen a taster of the Big N’s next, late last year, but despite showing the world what the Switch seems to be about, I’m sure it has a few more tricks up its sleeve. In fact, I don’t think I was alone in coming away with more questions about the Switch than answers.

In just a few days time, however, we are being treated to a “proper” look at Nintendo’s home-console, handheld hybrid. I’m hoping this extended look at the console will be a success for Nintendo. Excitement for the Switch is palpable, so it would be great if it hangs onto its momentum. There are ways it can do this, of course, such as showcasing a nice selection of games, a good price point and strong enough specifications. There are obvious things we should expect from Nintendo’s big presentation, like a launch date and launch titles, but what about specifics?



That’s where I come in.

This a list of ten things I’d like to see during Nintendo’s Switch presentation – not a list of my expectations or demands. If what I say isn’t shown, I won’t kick off. So sit back, relax and have a gander of what I’d like Nintendo to announce during the big event.

12: The Switch isn’t too expensive

The Switch should enter the marketplace at a reasonable price. I think a lot of people were put off by the Wii U’s relatively high entry-point, compared to the Wii’s low cost. If the Switch were somewhere between the two, say, £250 with a game, then people will be willing to put down their hard-earned cash for the console.

11: A new Metroid title

The Switch would really get off to a flying start if a brand new Metroid game was announced for its launch window. People have been clamouring for a new entry, despite the release of Metroid Prime: Federation Force just last year. A new mainline, home-console Metroid game will get people excited about the Switch immediately.

10: We can use it like a Wii U

I love the Wii U. The second-screen experience worked wonders for many, many games. Even simple things like not having to pause the game to look at its map was great. Playing games on the Wii U was a great, streamlined experience. Leaving the option of second-screen experiences will allow developers more gameplay options than the relatively standard options of the PS4 and Xbox One.


9: It has a touch screen

Following on from the second-screen idea, it would be nice if the Switch’s handheld proponent employed a touch screen. I’m not bothered by multi-touch particularly, but a touch screen will open more gameplay possibilities whilst allowing for tablet-like internet browsing and other app use.

8: The Switch is at least as powerful as an Xbox One

The Wii U was not powerful enough: just one of its many problems. It could never hold its own against the Xbox One or PS4, meaning third-party developers were unwilling to spend time creating games for the console. Nintendo must give third-party developers more power to play with this time. The Switch doesn’t have to be as powerful as the Scorpio or PS4 Pro, but it must be of a similar level to the Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo can’t afford to miss out on big hitters like FIFA and Call of Duty for much longer.


7: The Switch should be even more powerful when docked

Imagine a handheld console capable of Xbox One level graphics. Now imagine a home console over that. It would be great if the Switch were even more powerful when in its dock – outperforming the current generation would be awesome, but unlikely. I wouldn’t expect a massive leap from handheld to home, but a nice little boost would be appreciated.

6: We find out what the games shown in the original reveal actually are

There’s a lot of rumours going around about what exactly the Splatoon, Mario Kart and 3D Mario games we saw actually are, so it will be nice to finally put those rumours to bed. I don’t mind whether they are all new titles, or expanded versions of classics, but by this point I just want to know. It would be great if all three were launch games, too!


5: Gamecube Virtual Console

The Switch needs to add Gamecube games to Nintendo’s Virtual Console line. People will love being able to download and play Gamecube games wherever they want. The same can be said for all of Nintendo’s old games. Let’s just hope they will be faster with releasing the titles, eh? While we’re at it, lets add Dreamcast and Sega Saturn games to this.

4: A good amount of quality launch games

We know that the gorgeous Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is launching around the same time as the Switch, but it would be nice to get confirmation. I’d like to see the Switch launching with a strong line-up of third and first-party games. Games that show Nintendo’s intent would be brilliant – titles like Breath of the Wild, a new Mario, Mario Kart (in whatever form), Splatoon (in whatever form), FIFA 17, Battlefield 1, Skyrim Special Edition, Final Fantasy XV and maybe even Grand Theft Auto V would show third-party interest and more than enough quality from Nintendo themselves to get any self-respecting gamer salivating at the prospects of the Switch.


3: A new Animal Crossing

A big miss on the Wii U (along with Metroid) was Animal Crossing. The under-appreciated console never saw a true release from the beloved life-sim – a big, big mistake. Nintendo can apologise immediately by revealing a brand new mainline entry into the series for the Switch’s first year on the market (ideally launching around Christmas 2017). A title like Animal Crossing not only sells to everybody, but they are great fun.

2: A big new Nintendo game, a la Splatoon

Splatoon worked wonders for Nintendo. Suddenly people were talking about the Wii U again. It caused a splash amongst the gaming masses. Wouldn’t it be great if they could pull-off something again, right off the bat? I’d love to see something big, bold and brash from Nintendo to kick things off. I can’t realistically predict anything, but a brand new IP from them that makes the most of all of the Switch’s capabilities could prove brilliant for the fans and the Big N themselves.

1: A head-turning third-party exclusive

Bayonetta 2 was a big deal for Nintendo. They secured exclusive rights to a blood soaked, demanding title, a game you could only play on Wii U. Unfortunately, however, Bayonetta 2 didn’t prove to be a system seller. Nintendo needs to pull out all the stops for their Switch presentation, and a big, head-turning third-party exclusive could do all their talking for them. People have spoken about timed exclusivity deals for the mysterious Beyond Good and Evil 2, but that isn’t thinking big enough. What if they got an exclusive game from Rockstar games? Bethesda? EA? That will get people talking.
I’d love to see Ninja Gaiden 4 as a Switch exclusive.

So there you have it, my list of the twelve things I’d like to see in Nintendo’s Switch presentation on the 13th of January. Is there anything I’ve missed? Or do you have opinions of your own to add, please sound off in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Twelve Things I Want From the Switch Presentation

  1. I’m split on price. Too cheap (under 220) and people will think the graphics is powered by a one legged hamster on a wheel.

    Over 300 and it’ll be too expensive unless they really do have proper 3rd party devs that isn’t just another Skyrim port.

    I doubt Rockstar would give an exclusive unless it is a stripped down GTA spinoff like the Liberty City Stories.

    My main hope for Switch is 3rd party titles, and new ones at that. I don’t really care about exclusives, they’ve never made me buy a console. But any recent game will do me.

    Dreamcast and Saturn VC would do me very nicely!

    I really hope Switch gets it right though.

    1. Price is a slightly sticky point, but you have to remember how cheap it is to buy a PS4 or Xbox One these days.

      I only spoke about Skyrim because it was in the original trailer to be honest, I’d prefer newer titles, but getting a Bethesda game at launch will be pretty good from Nintendo considering Bethesda haven’t developed anything for them in over 25 years or something.

      Haha, I’d love it if something mental like Nintendo getting GTA 6 exclusively happened!

      We need third party exclusives, those are the games that make people pay attention, ports of other stuff won’t make people who already own an Xbox or Playstation rush out and buy the Switch unless the first-party titles are amazing.

  2. Pretty solid list of ideas! I look forward to seeing what Nintendo delivers this week! I’m mostly hoping for good battery life and great games! More storage would be nice too, especially if I’ll be playing this like a handheld on-the-go.

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