Gojira – Magma Review

Gojira’s newest album, Magma, is a fantastic record. Across its ten tracks we are reassured that the French masters of metal are one of the best in the business. Magma may not be their heaviest album, but it’s quality progressive sound might just leave you stunned.

Magma is an atmospheric record, bearing similarities in its sound to the bands gloriously epic From Mars to Sirius. Right from the off we are treated to ‘The Shooting Star’ – a slower track, reinforced with a chunky riff and plenty of melody. Magma is arguably Gojira’s most melodic record to date, but that doesn’t stop it from featuring the band’s brutality.

‘Silvera’ starts off at a higher, blisteringly heavy tempo, cutting into an awesome guitar-solo-esque riff. It’s a spectacular track that contains everything you’ve come to love about Gojira. It’s stupidly heavy, but contains a lot of melody too. It’s probably the best track on the record by a smidgen, but to be honest, the whole album never loses momentum.

Magma retains a very high level of quality throughout. Each track offering something a little different, whilst keeping up with each other thematically and tonally. This is a very well written and recorded album. The performances from all involved are top-notch, but this is the case for all Gojira records. If there’s one thing where Magma is perhaps slightly ahead of the pack it is in its flow.


Not only does each track carry with it a certain flow, but each one flows into the next beautifully. Magma is one of those rare albums where it’s just as easy to listen to one track as is it the whole record. You’ll have a good time whatever way you choose to listen to it, even if it’s all over the place. This isn’t me saying that all the tracks sound the same, either, each one offers something different whilst retaining the core aspects of what makes the album so great.

There’s a consistent sound throughout the ten tracks. The guitars are either rather piercing or toned down low. The mix of the heavy and the melodic is seamless. Magma isn’t a progressive record that builds and builds, it’s a progressive record in the way it ebbs and flows. Gojira’s latest is a very impressive piece of metal music that can float, soar and crash down. It brings to mind the destructive nature of magma, whilst talking at length about its spiritual meanings. It’s as calm and beautiful as it is dangerous.


Magma may not be Gojira’s heaviest record, but it is a hypnotic album. It’s calm, destructive and beautiful all at the same time.


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