Testament – Demonic Review

The Band:

  • Chuck Billy: lead vocals
  • Eric Peterson: guitar
  • Derrick Ramirez: bass guitar
  • Gene Hoglan: drums


  1. Demonic Refusal
  2. The Burning Times
  3. Together as One
  4. Jun-Jun
  5. John Doe
  6. Murky Waters
  7. Hatred’s Rise
  8. Distorted Lives
  9. New Eyes of Old
  10. Ten Thousand Thrones
  11. Nostrovia

Demonic, Testament’s seventh album from way back in 1997, is well worth a listen for any fans of thrash. It’s a dark, heavy record, with 11 solid tracks, and it could be Testament’s best.

Tracks like Distorted Lives, John Doe and Hatred’s Rise stand out as particularly dark. The shift to a slightly darker, heavier sound worked wonders for the band back in 1997. Demonic feels more consistent in tone and theme than other Testament records I’ve heard. It’s a crushingly heavy album, that never even thinks about letting up.

Trash metal records typically can’t hold my interest over their course, but Demonic manages it. Just when you think the album is starting to wane, something comes up that’s a little different. Take New Eyes of Old for example. Chuck Billy’s death growls take centre-stage here, in a song with a chorus almost Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque. It follows an odd structure, but it totally works. It’s brutal without being overtly fast. New Eyes of Old is up there with my favourite Testament material.

There’s plenty of quality on show from all band members in Demonic, too, with Ten Thousand Thrones for example showing off the skills of the whole band amazingly. It’s a showcase of their talents. With quality riffs, brutal blast beats and pounding bass combining well with Billy’s brilliant vocals. Demonic may just be my favourite Testament album, thanks to it’s heavier, darker sound and consistency.


They’re not my favourite band, but Demonic is a rather splendid record.


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