Sepultura – Machine Messiah Review

Please note: This is a small review, and my full-length, detailed review for Broken Amp can be found here.

The Band:

  • Paulo Jr. – bass guitar
  • Andreas Kisser – lead guitar
  • Derrick Green – lead vocals
  • Eloy Casagrande – drums, percussion


  1. Machine Messiah
  2. I Am the Enemy
  3. Phantom Self
  4. Alethea
  5. Iceberg Dances
  6. Sworn Oath
  7. Resistant Parasites
  8. Silent Violence
  9. Vandals Nest
  10. Cyber God
  11. Chosen Skin *
  12. Ultraseven no Uta (Ratos de Porão Cover) *

*bonus tracks in the special edition.

Sepultura spent four long years away, but they came back with one hell of a bang. Machine Messiah is an excellent, diverse beast of an album from start to finish. The record is as brutal as it is mesmerising, with more melody and experimental moments present than your standard Sepultura album. Machine Messiah presents something of a deviation from the norm, and the results are sensational.

You think you know a band that’s been going for over 30 years, but then they spring stuff such as clean vocals on us. You’ll quickly learn to expect the unexpected in Machine Messiah and you should love every second of it. Despite the sound being slightly different from what we may recognise to be Sepultura, Machine Messiah maintains all of the core elements of a Sepultura record. It’s heavy, progressive and bold metal. This combines the best of thrash, melodic death and progressive metal.

The band worked with producer Jens Bogren this time around, whose previous projects include the likes of Soilwork and The Devin Townsend Project. His impact is felt throughout the record. Machine Messiah is a powerful, grand record that carries a big, bold sound. The use of violins in tracks such as ‘Phantom Self’, ‘Sworn Oath’ and ‘Cyber God’ adds layers to Sepultura’s sound. Don’t get thrown off by the use of clean singing and violins however, as Machine Messiah is a monster of an album. Much of it is brutally heavy and uncompromising in nature.

Each member of the band worked their socks off with Machine Messiah and it really payed off. Each element is the strongest in their 30 year history. Machine Messiah ensured that 2017 started off with a bang, and to be honest, it may be hard to top. It’s a spectacular record.


Machine Messiah is a hugely impressive record. Might turn out to be 2017’s best.


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