Why I Want… Luigi’s Mansion 3

The first two Luigi’s Mansion titles are classic games. The Gamecube original put Luigi in Resident Evil and applied a hilarious coat of Ghostbusters over the top. The 3DS sequel expanded on the original’s single mansion setting by letting you explore five smaller mansions. Now, this also brought about Luigi’s Mansion 2’s largest controversy – Instead of exploring the environment at your own pace, the game was split into missions. This was done for the move to handheld from home-console, with the short missions allowing for shorter play-sessions (perfect for travel).

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Some preferred the single setting of the original game, but I think everyone is in agreement that both games are vastly enjoyable experiences thanks to their clever puzzling gameplay, incredible stage design and good humour. Playing through the second game was reminiscent of the glorious Aardman movies. The animation and comedy were top-drawer, backed up by incredible graphics and really strong gameplay. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is one of my favourite games, and I’d love to see Nintendo return to the series sooner rather than later. I don’t think I can take another wait as long as the last one.

I don’t mind if Luigi’s Mansion 3 made its way to the 3DS or the Switch, but I believe that most people would be more keen on a new Switch game. Luigi’s Mansion 2 pushed the limits of the 3DS, and it would be great to see Nintendo do a similar thing with the Switch. Imagine the lighting and animation of a Luigi’s Mansion game, on your TV screen, in glorious HD. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. Although that could just be from thinking about those spooky ghosts!

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The Switch would allow Nintendo to make Luigi’s Mansion how they want. They could focus on one large mansion (hopefully bigger than the original), for the docked mode, or go for several smaller ones and a level structure as they did for the second game, promoting gaming on the go. I found both styles of Luigi’s Mansion utterly charming, but the length and increased difficulty of the second game ensured that it was a better overall product than the original. The surprisingly quality multiplayer offering helped too, mind. Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Switch could offer two-player co-op right out of the box.

The co-op stages in Luigi’s Mansion 2 were great fun, but with a Joy-Con in hand each, two players could take to the single-player game and tackle it together. One Joy-Con has enough to fully play the game (an analogue stick, shoulder buttons and four face buttons is plenty). It would be interesting to see what sort of character Nintendo would give player two, but I would hope for a terrified Toad, or maybe even Professor E.Gadd. Being able to enjoy the smart gameplay, comedy and beautiful style of the game with someone else would be fantastic. The Joy-Cons would allow for fun motion controls and a brilliant use of the system’s HD rumble feature too (imagine actually feeling the ghosts fight back against the trusty Poltergust, and the pop of when they go in).

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Luigi’s Mansion is one of my favourite series, and I’d hate to see it linger in the depths of Nintendo’s warehouse for years. It’s been four years since the sensational Luigi’s Mansion 2 already. I’d be over the dark moon if Nintendo announced a third entry at this year’s E3, but there’s always the fear that the series won’t come back. If Nintendo play their cards right, Luigi’s Mansion 3 could be one of the finest games they’ve ever made, and that’s saying something for a company with a spookily good history of incredible games.


3 thoughts on “Why I Want… Luigi’s Mansion 3

  1. I would also love another Luigi’s Mansion for the Switch. What I didn’t like about Dark Moon was having to restart a mansion every time (albeit from different locations). Maybe they can do something to marry the two styles like a big mansion with missions. But you can take on the missions at any time and do them without leaving the mansion.

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