Why I Want… Laika Entertainment to Make a Star Wars Movie

This week’s “Why I Want” will likely never happen, but it would be incredible to see. I want Laika Entertainment to make a Star Wars movie. Now, it may sound like an odd mix, but I think the stop-motion masters (whose works include last year’s excellent Kubo and the Two Strings). Laika films are known for their superb animation, high quality writing and overall creepiness. Each of their films falls somewhere on the horror spectrum, and they are never dumbed down for kids. To me, Laika are the new Pixar, and have stolen their thunder somewhat in the last few years, without taking any of their audience.


Indeed, this may prove a large stumbling block for Laika if my idea would ever come to fruition, but they have never made a huge amount of money. All four of Laika’s feature films have been received excellently by critical spheres, but the public seem reluctant to go and watch them. Each film has proven moderately successful, but none are even coming close to touching the efforts of other animation power-houses such as Pixar and Disney. Kubo made the least amount of money for the studio, and it’s a shame that such a wonderful film didn’t find the larger audience it deserved. If the folks over at Disney were to make another animated Star Wars film, they’d just make it in-house.

A Disney animated Star Wars just wouldn’t be as good as one created under the cameras at Laika. If Disney were to release their own animated film it would be sleek, but it wouldn’t have the heart of a Laika produced film, or the elements of horror. It would be great to see a Star Wars film spiced with elements of horror. We’ve seen what Star Wars would like as a more straight-forward action film with last year’s decent Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and I think it’s time the long-running franchise tried its hands at horror.


I’m not thinking that they should try to make a film to challenge the likes of the Alien franchise, but horror in a less straight-forward sense. Kubo wasn’t a horror, but the adventure film was tinged with a creepy undertone throughout. Indeed, Kubo shows that Laika could turn their hand to a Star Wars story quite well. This was a film full of adventure, magic and fun character relationships. The creepy undertone only added to the film. You were always aware that something sinister could arise from any shadow, making for a film full of unease despite it appearing family oriented. Imagine a Star Wars where the characters are afraid of what awaits them, and appear to be in danger from the elements and their minds.

Laika’s films are creepy and can be psychologically frightening. The character designs can be unnerving, the environments can be freaky. Space could look trippy, woods would be unsettling and there’s so much scope for strangeness in the Star Wars pantheon of races and aliens. Laika’s vision of the Star Wars universe is one I’d happily pay to see. I don’t know what kind of Star Wars story I’d like to see Laika tackle, but I imagine their portrayal of Wookies and Ewoks in particular to be rather interesting to say the least. I know that Disney outsourcing a Star Wars film would likely never happen, but Laika Entertainment have all the right credentials to create an incredible, creepy Star Wars story. A man can dream though. A man can dream…


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