E3 2017 Predictions: Nintendo

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be showing you, my adoring fans, what I think will happen over the course of E3. Starting with Nintendo, I will also share my thoughts about what I think Microsoft and Sony will announce. If I find the time, I’ll also go through specific companies. So you might see the likes of Ubisoft and Bethesda rearing their ugly heads before everyone’s favourite gaming conference commences on the 13th of June. As I said above, I will share with you my thoughts on what I’d like Nintendo to announce at E3 and what I think they’ll show.

Once again, Nintendo aren’t giving audiences a stage appearance at E3 and are instead streaming a video full of announcements directly to everyone. If recent rumours are to be believed, the E3 Nintendo Direct could be a pretty hefty one hour long, which could mean a few different things:

A) Tonnes of exciting new game news, stuffing the hour with as much new content as they can possibly muster.

B) A few games will be shown, lengthy, dull descriptions of which will follow.

C) They will only show Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2.

I’d love for Nintendo to go down route A, but both route B and C seem far more likely. The Big N have proven me wrong before though and a look back at previous E3 shows from them will have fans fondly remembering the likes of their 3DS announcement that was full of great looking titles from start to finish. Nintendo have already confirmed that Super Mario Odyssey will be a highlight of their E3 plans, but it would be foolish to expect them to release a one-hit show, no matter the hype surrounding the rather sumptuous looking Mario Odyssey. All we know is that they will show Mario Odyssey and host a couple of tournaments for ARMS and Splatoon 2. Reggie Fils-Aime, however, has announced that they will focus on the “next steps” of the Switch:

“Our various E3 activities will showcase the next steps for Nintendo Switch, from a summer of social competitive gaming to a holiday season highlighted by a milestone Mario adventure. With Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3, fans at home can watch in-depth gameplay of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS games launching this year”.

While it may sound like they won’t showcase anything about the Switch and 3DS beyond this year, don’t write off announcements of titles that will see release by the end of 2018. They always have a surprise or two hidden up their sleeves. Enough of this fluff though. Time for my predictions.

Super Mario Odyssey will blow everyone away

e3 mario odyssey

Nintendo fans have been asking for Super Mario Galaxy 3 since the Wii U was announced, and no matter how good Super Mario 3D World was, it wasn’t another Mario Galaxy. Nintendo being Nintendo, however, have shown to the world their vision for Mario on the Switch, and it looks glorious. From the small trailer we’ve seen, Odyssey looks like a return to the open-world of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, but expanded drastically. We should see a lot of the game at E3, and I’m expecting to see that it is full open-world, with many different areas to explore. While I wouldn’t mind another stage based Mario title, a switch to open world fully could be like discovering the series all over again. Breath of the Wild was Nintendo’s first step in their plan to dominate the market with the Switch. Super Mario Odyssey very much looks like part two. This game is going to be huge.

Animal Crossing will be announced for the Switch

e3 animal crossing switch

I spoke at some length about why I think a mainline Animal Crossing title will make its way onto the Switch here, and not only do I stand by it, but I think they will announce it at E3, for release by summer 2018. I’m expecting a sweet little trailer that showcases a lot of what the game can do. I’d imagine an Animal Crossing game on the Switch to take full advantage of amiibos and the console’s handheld capabilities. They’d be mad to not release an Animal Crossing title on the platform soon.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be announced for the Switch

e3 luigis mansion 3

Much like Animal Crossing above, I wrote a piece as to why I want Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Switch. The series is one of my favourites, and Luigi’s Mansion 2 is one of the best titles on the 3DS. A third title, presented in glorious HD would be amazing. The Switch’s HD rumble could be used to perfection with the Poltergust and the game could come with 2 player co-op for everyone, using a Joy-Con each. I’m very hopeful that Nintendo announce the title for release within the next year.

They will spend far too long on Splatoon 2

e3 splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 looks great. It’s looking like it is building upon the inky foundations laid out by the original, and I’m hopeful that the single player is longer than the first game. Apart from a shock new mode, though, I don’t think there is too much more that Nintendo could show from the game. I’m expecting a new trailer for the game, but I just know that they will spend ages on the game that most have already made their mind up about.

We find out what Retro Studios have been up to

e3 retro studios
Why won’t you let us in?!?

Retro Studios have been awfully quiet since the release of the fantastic Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a few years ago. I think we’ll see what they’ve been up to all this time. Who knows what it will be? I’m up for a nice surprise, perhaps they’ve been developing a new Kid Icarus title for the Switch?

Let them have Metroid

e3 metroid

Perhaps Retro have been busy creating a new Metroid Prime for the Switch? Personally, I don’t care what kind of Metroid game we get, but I get the feeling that we’ll see the return of Samus Aran in some form or another at this year’s E3. Whether that’s a new Metroid Prime, traditional side-scroller or something different, we will see Metroid at this year’s E3, on 3DS or Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be delayed until next year

e3 xenoblade 2

Please understand.

Platinum announce a new exclusive for the Switch

e3 platinum games

Whether this is Wonderful 102, or Bayonetta 3 is up in the air. I’m hoping they’ve got a new collaboration in the works. Whatever it may be.

A new batch of third-party games are announced

e3 skyrim

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the likes of Darksiders III and GTA V make their way onto the Switch. I’m expecting there to be a highlights reel of the upcoming third-party releases, games we know of (Skyrim) and ones that haven’t been announced. I’m sure there will be one or two that will get people excited, as well as a couple of console exclusives to boot.

We get a good look at Fire Emblem Warriors

e3 fire emblem

Little is known about the latest mashup of Nintendo and Omega Force, but the combination of Warriors and Fire Emblem is enough to get people’s interest. I’d like to think that we finally get to see the game in action, with a solid October release date alongside it.

A big surprise

e3 question block

Who doesn’t love surprises? No one, that’s who. There’s always something big from Nintendo at E3, and I’m hoping that they’ve got something under their sleeves that no one is expecting, or even thought about. Whether that’s for the 3DS or the Switch, it doesn’t matter.

I’m pretty sure that most people would be more than happy with Nintendo’s E3 if my predictions came true (although there will always be wags who complain at anything). I’d be happy if just one of these predictions came true (except from that Splatoon 2 part), but if I had to pick any it would be Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Switch. I want that dearly.

Is there anything you’d like Nintendo to show at this year’s E3? Think my predictions are pointless and terrible? Let me know in the comments.


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