Top 25 Nintendo 64 Games: 25-21

Over the next five days, I will be posting my top 25 N64 games in batches of five. The N64 had a great selection of games, so I had to think long and hard about what ones made this list. There may be a few surprises in here, so keep your eyes peeled onto this site if you want to share your opinion on why I’m right, or more likely, wrong.

25: 1080° Snowboarding

I’ve always liked 1080° Snowboarding, but I’ve never understood the love it’s received over the years. I bought this game back in the day expecting a cool snowboard, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater style game. Instead, I got a downhill racing game. I never quite got over the disappointment, but learned to appreciate the cool characters, soundtrack and fantastic visuals. The physics were immense and set the benchmark for all snow physics in the future. I chose this game over Super Smash Bros. much to the annoyance of my older brother.

24: Blast Corps

One of Rare’s less well-known Nintendo games, Blast Corps saw you take control of various vehicles in a desperate attempt to clear a path for a lorry carrying buttloads of explosives. It’s your job to destroy practically everything in sight to ensure that the lorry doesn’t blow everything up. The different vehicles are great fun to use, and you will be able to pilot gigantic robots to further aid your quest.

23: Space Station Silicon Valley

Space Station Silicon Valley was always one of the more basic-looking N64 games, but don’t let it’s simple graphics put you off. Silicon Valley puts you in control of Evo, a microchip that sadly lost her (who knows the gender?) body in a spaceship crash. In order to save the day from a plague of robotic animals, you need to attack, and then take control of them. Each animal you control has different abilities and can be used to reach new areas. This is a smart game from some of the people involved in creating the original Grand Theft Auto.

22: Rakugakids

Rakugakids is a brilliantly animated 2D fighting game. There’s so much charm in every stage, character and song that it’s amazing more people don’t know about this game. It was the best fighting game to ever hit the N64 (not that difficult to be fair) and I spent hours playing the game against my brother and cousin.

21: Rayman 2: The Great Escape

You’ve likely played Rayman 2: The Great Escape in your time. The game has been released on every console under the Sun. It’s a testament to how good a console the N64 was that this game is as low down on the list as this. Rayman 2 is a great game and fans of classic 3D platforming will find lots to love in the game’s charming design.

Stay tuned, for tomorrow I will be posting the next batch of five games: 20-16.


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