Top Five Games of 2017 (So Far)

We’re at the very end of June, so I thought I should write-up a quick little piece letting you all know what I think have been the best games of 2017 so far. Much like my film and album features, this will take you through the five best games I’ve played this year in order of worst to best.

5: Little Nightmares

top five games 2017 little nightmares

Namco Bandai’s small, creepy horror platformer makes great use of lighting and physics to create a foreboding atmosphere that plays on childhood nightmares. It’s a short game, but an atmospheric one, think a horror style Unravel and you’re in the right area.

4: Dragon Ball Fusions

top five games 2017 dragon ball fusions

This is a great little tactical RPG that launched in the UK last year. Fans in the USA were able to play the game last year (waah) and were treated to a fully traversable 3D world where you fly around as your very own Dragon Ball OC (please do not steal), fighting bad guys, fusing together with series’ classics and gathering hundreds of team members. The game employs a smart battle system that sees you chaining attacks in a domino effect until you can unleash your super moves. It’s a shame that you can’t play the game with 3D on, or that you can’t play it with the show’s American voice-actors. You want to fuse Krillin and Goku? Go for it.

3: NieR: Automata

top five games 2017 nier automata

Platinum’s latest is a bold mixture of bullet hell, hack and slash and Dark Souls. I haven’t played much of the game, but what I have played is incredible. It offers you a melancholy tale of love between androids made for battle that’s played across space and a ravaged Earth. It looks and plays amazing. I just need to play it a lot more.

2: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

top five games 2017 dragon quest VIII

I know this is an old PS2 game, but the 3DS remake was new to UK shores this year. It’s an utterly fantastic, charming RPG that very well could be the best of the Dragon Quest series based on what I’ve played. The 3DS version doesn’t look quite as stellar as the PS2 original, and you sadly can’t play it with the 3D effect turned on, but it’s a stunning, vibrant, huge world full of wonderful people and places right in the palm of your hands – what’s not to love?

1: Yakuza 0

top five games 2017 yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 may feel a little dated in several areas of its design and its slow pace may put some people off, but the quirky sense of humour, violent fights and incredible writing is more than worth the time you’ll plug into it. You’ll make friends with shopkeepers, visit arcades and fight thugs with a fish gun. It’s a surreal, yet grounded game that will eat up your time, but you’ll have a great time with it. There’s so much to do in Yakuza 0, too. Will you visit a karaoke bar? Play a round of bowling? Go eat a burger? The hilarious side-quests are a blast too, my favourite so far is acting as a producer for a TV show with no prior experience and having to successfully fake it. I love this game and its utterly bizarre mundanity.


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