Born of Osiris – Soul Sphere Review

The Band:

  • Ronnie Canizaro – vocals
  • Lee McKinney – guitars
  • David Da Rocha – bass
  • Cameron Losch – drums
  • Joe Buras – keyboards, synthesizers, vocals, clean vocals

Track Listing:

  1. The Other Half of Me
  2. Throw Me in the Jungle
  3. Free Fall
  4. Illuminate
  5. The Sleeping and the Dead
  6. Tidebinder
  7. Resilience
  8. Goddess of the Dawn
  9. The Louder the Sound, the More we All Believe
  10. Warlords
  11. River of Time
  12. The Composer

There’s deathcore, then there’s deathcore. Born of Osiris is definitely the latter. Soul Sphere is far more interesting than your standard deathcore affair. There’s more emotion and motion in one song of this album than the whole of something like Aversions Crown’s Xenocide.

It all starts off with a dark blast of keyboard in ‘The Other Half of Me’, followed by an almighty riff that will push your head back. This is what Soul Sphere is all about. It’s powerful, but built around the combination of riffs and keys. Indeed, after the chorus of this track, you’ll find a keyboard section like something you’d hear in Ex Deo (other battle-metal bands are available). Joe Buras’ work on the keys and synthesizers is what sets this band so far apart from other deathcore outfits.

Unlike most other deathcore bands, too, Born of Osiris contains clean vocals. While these are still shouted and not quite like what you’d hear in a traditional melodic metal piece, they add a much needed dimension to the brutality of the rest of the record. There are plenty of crushing riffs, blast-beats and breakdowns to enjoy here – all delivered with aplomb. Ronnie Canizaro provides the band’s main vocals, with Joe Buras helping alongside. The combination of the two is excellent, with powerful death growls that carry plenty of tone. ‘Free Fall’ is the best track on the record for vocal performance, with a little more aggression in Canizaro’s delivery.

Indeed, ‘Free Fire’ is a particularly great track in an ablum full of belters. It’s a brutal, aggressive track that features an awesome mix of keyboard and cymbals in one stand out moment. ‘The Sleeping and the Dead’ is another great song. It’s got a cracking riff and a fun chorus to go alongside its djent-esque sound. ‘Warlords’, too is a stand-out track. It’s another of the heavier offerings in a record that never stops to give you a breather. Along with these three tracks you’ll find that ‘The Other Half of Me’ finalises the list of the best on the record, but this isn’t to say that the rest are bad – far from it.

‘River of Time’, ‘Tidebinder’ and ‘Goddess of the Dawn’ all come highly recommended. The worst track on the album, however, is ‘Throw Me in the Jungle’, which carries a sub-par chorus. Soul Sphere really is enjoyable throughout. ‘The Louder the Sound, the More we All Believe’, too, is a stand out in an album seemingly full of them. The elements of djent, battle-metal and deathcore all mix together to form something altogether rather unique and hugely enjoyable.


Soul Sphere is a great record full of incredible moments.


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