The Haunted – Exit Wounds Review

The Band:

  • Jonas Björler – bass
  • Adrian Erlandsson – drums
  • Patrik Jensen – guitar
  • Marco Aro – vocals
  • Ola Englund – guitar

Track Listing:

  1. 317
  2. Cutting Teeth
  3. My Salvation
  4. Psychonaut
  5. Eye of the Storm
  6. Trend Killer
  7. Time (Will Not Heal)
  8. All I Have
  9. Temptation
  10. My Enemy
  11. Kill the Light
  12. This War
  13. Infiltrator
  14. Ghost in the Machine

There has always been argument among fans of The Haunted over who’s the best vocalist: Peter Dolving or Marco Aro? Exit Wounds happens to be the only record I’ve heard that features Marco Aro’s aggressive, deeper vocals and I can say that while I do prefer Peter Dolving’s less monotonous delivery, both are great.

Exit Wounds uses Aro’s more aggressive vocals well. The album is a little heavier, with more bass to it than Revolver or The Haunted. This is thrash metal, but it’s deeper, more guttural than what you might know. Exit Wounds is brutal from start to finish. Musically, however, it is slightly less interesting than the albums listed above. To go along with Dolving’s vocals, The Haunted often put in slightly less aggressive sections to let him emote more, with a little more song in his otherwise screaming voice. Aro only Roars.

That’s not to say that there isn’t any musicality here. Exit Wounds features countless awesome riffs and breakdown moments. Tracks like “Eye of the Storm”, “Time (Will Not Heal)” and “Ghost in the Machine” all feature grander moments and make great use of a central riff – all boiling down to a kick-ass chorus. There are several tracks that follow a similar path to these, but of them all, the three above are the best of the bunch. There’s a lot to get through here, however, fourteen tracks to be precise.

I would argue that there isn’t a bad one at all. Exit Wounds is consistently entertaining. There are, however, a few stand-outs scattered throughout the record. The aforementioned three tracks above all count as a part of this, but I’d throw in “Kill the Light”, “Infiltrator” (which makes great use of pitch-harmonics) and the brutal “Psychonaut” into the mix too. My personal favourite of the lot, though, has to be “Trend Killer”. This is The Haunted at their offensive best. Just have a listen for yourself:

The Haunted: telling it like it is since 1996.

There are so many great tracks on this record. “All I Have”, with it’s Pantera-esque riff is a blast, and so to is “Cutting Teeth” (the video’s above). Exit Wounds is an awesome, balls-to-the-wall heavy thrash album from the Swedish masters. While it may not be quite as great as Revolver, Exit Wounds is heavier, slightly more aggressive and (thanks to “Trend Killer”) is pretty much just as fun.


There’s so much to like about Exit Wounds.


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