Edgar Wright Films Ranked

To celebrate the launch of Baby Driver, I thought I’d rank Edgar Wright’s five films, from worst to best. Wright’s directing style is slick, fun and full of motion. I’d happily recommend any of his films, but I do think there is an easy enough rank for them all.

5: The World’s End

The World's End

Although I awarded the film a 91% when I first reviewed it, seeing the film since has changed my mind on it. It’s funny throughout and contains awesomely visceral fight scenes, but a disappointing ending holds it back. It’s the worst of Edgar Wright’s filmography, but this is a testament to the quality of his work.

4: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

scott pilgrim vs the world

The first of Edgar Wright’s films that didn’t feature Simon Pegg, Nick Frost or any cornettos, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a bold, often hilarious film. With career best Michael Cera at its heart, Scott Pilgrim became a cult classic for all the right reasons.

3: Baby Driver

baby driver image 4

Baby Driver felt like a culmination of Edgar Wright’s work. It takes the motion of his previous work to its logical conclusion in an incredible playlist of movement and style.

While it may not be as funny as Edgar Wright’s other movies, it is by far the coolest film he has made.

2: Hot Fuzz

hot fuzz

There’s plenty of argument among my family over what’s better out of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, but one thing’s for sure. Both films are in the upper pantheon of British comedy films. This police caper is hilarious throughout and made even better by the fact that it’s set in the West Country, filmed in Wells and its surrounding areas – “I know that place!”

1: Shaun of the Dead

shaun of the dead

I believe that Shaun of the Dead just edges out Hot Fuzz as Edgar Wright’s best film. Practically every shot in the film is legendary. There’s plenty of hilariously worked foreshadowing and re-done shots that show what it was like before and after the zombie apocalypse. This film, along with Hot Fuzz, are up there with the likes of Monty Python’s Holy Grail and The Life of Brian as the best comedy films ever created.


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